Why HelpOnClick Rocks

Creating a blog is exciting. You want your visitors to be entranced, inspired and fully engaged. But more than that, you want them to feel they can interact with you; instant feedback is liberating and inspiring for both parties involved. But dealing with online software that has a difficult interface can be more than a little frustrating. Most people will bolt when this happens, but for a select few, the excitement of being part of the action is just too hard to resist. Why throw out the baby with the bathwater when you can hold those select few close to you while you make the others interested enough to stick around? Helponclick.com’s easy, affordable software is desktop, tablet and mobile compatible in both Apple and Microsoft operating systems, and a number of different browsers: Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Explorer. The HelpOnClick live chat application is available for all iPhone and iPad customers and is available at the Apple App Store.  Customers with Android devices will interact with Google Play, and others.


Some sites with live chat applications make their customers wait for extended periods because they don’t have enough operators handy. You want a transcript available for download so you can check certain information. It can be irritating when you get notified that the live chat operator is typing to other customers instead of viewing only the information that is directed to you and your current problem. Here are some of the essential features HelpOnClick offers its customers:

  • Real time traffic monitoring and chatting
  • Manual and automated chat invitations with canned messages and popup notificaitons
  • Sneak peak on real time typing
  • Chat transfer
  • Email transcripts
  • Fantastic integration and plugin addons

Tired of having to keep the application open on your screen to stay online and available to your website visitors? You’ll get notification of the new incoming chats even when the application is closed, unless you sign out of the system. The HelpOnClick application will sit in your systems tray, offering up-to-date information while you continue with other computer tasks. A small popup will arrive with new information. This particular feature can be configured to include sound as well. You can change your online status with a simple right click on the application itself. HelpOnClick also works with a number of content management systems and integration guides: WordPress Joomla Drupal Kentico LightCMS One of the most important aspects of e-Commerce business is the ability to communicate with existing customers and potential buyers. HelpOnClick customers can easily boost their sales with our live chat application. We’ll help you manage your customer relationships so that you can plan your next step and give them the best up-to-date information possible.

customer service operator

Not all online chat applications will offer the best interface experience available but you can count on HelpOnClick to make sure you never miss a single message from your customers and/or visitors. We offer customers a free 14-day trial with no credit card required to create an account. When you want to interact with a virtual agent that will give you support when you need it, think of HelpOnClick.com.