What Customers Want

What do customers want? This is the main question that all business owners should ask. It often happens that entrepreneurs think that customers are only looking for the cheapest price. And they are wrong in the most cases. There are a lot of researches of customers’ needs, and results may vary. In this post I would like to share some interesting findings.
What customers want
Customers prefer good service to fast service. Researchers say that customers would abandon a brand due to poor quality and rude customer service 18% more often than due to slow or untimely service. Speed is important, but most of the customers would not mind to spend more time with the company that makes them feel important and valued.

Value for money is more important than price. Price is a significant factor in purchase decision-making, and 85% of consumers shop around to get the best prices. But it is also true that customers are ready to pay more for better customer service, and even for artificial advantage, such as small gifts, a cut of tea in a SPA or a free appetizer in a restaurant.

Customers want you to listen to them. They sense immediately when you are waiting for a break in the conversation in order to launch into a sales pitch. It is even worse when customers explain their issues and service representatives interrupt them, as they think that they have understood the issue. Nothing is more annoying than that, it makes customers irritated and unwilling to cooperate. You may believe that irritated customers will forgive you and come back for more. But researches indicate, that alienated customers often disappear without the slightest warning.

Customers want you to keep promises. Everyone wants to trust organizations to do the things they say they will. Where promises are broken, it will have a fundamental effect on consumers’ relationships with companies. Giving promises is often easier that keeping them. Double check that you are able to do what you promise before you tell anything to your customers.

Take care of your customers, and they will care about your business.