Website Chat Tools & Improving Customer Service

Co-browsing is the latest buzzword in customer service. The term simply means navigation of the same webpage by two or more people simultaneously. While the concept is simple, its potential implication in improving customer service is huge. Co-browsing results in a visual connection that helps in better serving the customer. 


In this article, we will explain the situations in which co-browsing can help in improving customer experience and engagement.

co-browsing & website chat tool

Co-browsing: An Overview

Co-browsing is not a new concept. The technology that allows co-browsing has been available for years. However, it’s only today that companies are using the technology to provide better customer experience. At the moment, co-browsing is the most popular customer-centric technology.

A lot of different tools can be used for co-browsing. Using co-browsing tools such as Median or Skype in combination with a website chat tools can help improve customer satisfaction and boost credibility. The customer representatives can help customers in navigating through the website and give more reason for them to stay on the site.

Let’s take a Look at some of the situations where co-browsing can be of great help in improving customer service.

Scenario 1 – Online Clothing Shop

A customer tells the live chat agent that he can’t find a particular dress. Since the customer service representative does not know exactly what kind of dress the customer wants, he tells the customer to connect through the co-browsing software. The website chat tool will allow the agent to work together with the customer to gain deeper insights into the exact requirements, and then use his knowledge of the products to guide the customer to the right product.

Scenario 2 -Tour Agency

A five-person group wants to take a trip to Bali. They know the route that they want to take, now they need to communicate the details to the travel agent. Using a co-browsing software, the persons can show to the agent the exact route that they want to take. In this way, the tour agent can come up with a deal that can best meet the requirements of the customers.

Scenario 3 – Car Modifications

A customer wants to make specific modifications to the car. He visits a website and connects with the live chat agent using a website chat tool. However, the customer rep has difficulty understanding the exact needs of the customer through live chat. Using a co-browsing software, the customer can show exactly what portions of the car needs modifications. The web chat agent can then give an exact estimate of the modification.

The above three scenarios show that co-browsing can prove invaluable in improving customer service. The activity can greatly improve the customer satisfaction. This can ultimately result in increased online conversion rate that will have a positive impact on the company’s bottom-line.