Virtual Chat Agent: What It is and How It Works

HelpOnClick Virtual Chat Agent has been released! Virtual Agent is an automated chat for websites which can provide customer service when operators are unavailable. Now you can choose to use live chat, virtual chat or both on your website.

What is Virtual Chat Agent?

Virtual Agent is a new powerful feature of HelpOnClick live chat, that can be used independently or with live chat account. It is a bot that is able to provide answers to visitor’s question in real time just like chat operators do. The Virtual Agent analyses the keywords of a question and searches for the best matching reply. Account administrator can define all the keywords and replies, and make the conversation flow almost as live communication.

How does it work?

First you need to sign up for a Virtual Agent account or add it to your Live Chat license. Under the Admin tab you will find the Virtual Agent tab. Read the short overview and tips that will help you create better custom responses. Under the Script tab you will find pre-defined basic replies, so you can see how it works right away. Just click on the Preview for a quick test. Here you can add scripts that your Virtual Agent will use for chatting with your website visitors.

Under the Settings tab you can give your Virtual agent a name and add lead generation texts. The rules for automated invitations can be set up the same way as they work for the live chat.

The transcripts of all virtual chats will be saved, and you will be able to find them under the Archive tab together with the live chat scripts. That is why we recommend you to give your Virtual Agent a unique name, so you will be able to easily identify the VA scripts in the list.


We offer you a great opportunity to test it for free for 2 months if you sign up before December, 31.

If you are already a HelpOnClick customer, you just need to log in to your Client area and activate the Virtual Agent option. If you do not have a HelpOnClick account yet, click here to sign up.


The Virtual Agent is our new great feature, and we would like to get your feedback on it. You are welcome to leave comments below of send us an email.