The Formula for Marketing Success—Your Customer Service Team

Starting with the question of the day, we would like to ask you:

Which factor do you believe is the most important in determining the success of a marketing team and its marketing endeavors?

We are expecting a resonating response in the favor of understanding the target audience.

And, the reason is pretty obvious.

After all, marketing is all about connecting with your customers, tapping into their needs and proposing a solution to answer the challenges that they face. It is mainly about understanding your target audience:

Understanding your target audience is the most important factor that determines the success of marketers and their marketing endeavors.

target audience

This brings us to the next question:

Do you believe, as marketers, you are adequately positioned in understanding your target audience?

Definitely, not!

Your Customer Service Team Has a Special Relationship with Your Customers

You may have the best marketing research tools and data available at your disposal, but, at the end of the day, your audience—your existing and prospective customers—will always exhibit their genuine self to your customer service team.

You can try organizing social media campaigns, study the behavior of your audience, and mine for insightful analysis from the available market data—but, none of this truly characterizes them.

It’s at the point of purchase and post purchase, is when your customers truly communicate their challenges and their needs. And, at these points of contact, it is your customer service team that is facilitating the audience.

Your customer service team has a special relationship, unlike any, with your customers. 

As such, the experiences of your customer service representatives, which they establish using powerful tools like live chat solutions, help desk software etc., represent the best opportunity for marketers to understand their customers in detail.

Your customer service team is most adequately positioned to truly understand your target audience, and you can leverage their position to help shape up successful marketing endeavors.

What Makes Your Audience Unhappy?

You can get the answer to this question by leveraging the experience of your customer service team that they have on a regular basis with your customers.

You customers call-in and communicate complaints and their reservations through emails and social media interactions, all of which are answered by your customer service team. From the use of live chat solutions and help desk software to SMS text support and discussion forums – your customer service team leverage the use of different tools to help resolve your customers’ complaints and facilitate their queries.

As marketers you can conduct meetings and use the data available from these tools to understand what makes your audience unhappy and the challenges they face. You can then structure your marketing strategy and efforts accordingly, to improve yourself as a marketer.

What Makes Your Audience Happy?

Your customer service team does not only come across disgruntled customers. There are happy ones too, who feel satisfied with the product they have bought or the service they are availing. These customers love sharing their good experience with your service team, presenting an opportunity for your marketing team to understand the elements that make your audience happy.

Knowing your strong points is as important as knowing your weak points when it comes to being a successful marketer.

You can use these satisfactory experiences to capitalize on your strengths and make them the blueprint of all your future marketing endeavors.

Maintaining a retained communication channel with your customer service team and delving into their interactions and operations – established to serve the customers, can help you understand your audience better. It is the key to becoming a successful marketer.