Supervision for timely help and control

Help your live chat operators to communicate with customers in real time, keep all conversations under control, take timely actions. It is all possible with the new Supervision feature.

There is no need to stand behind a chair to help operators handle difficult issues or train new staff. With the new feature you can help thousands miles away.

Account administrators can view any chat session in a Supervision mode. Choose an active chat session and click on the eye against it.

HelpOnClick Live Chat Supervision

Now you can follow the dialog in real time without being noticed. When you feel the need to join the conversation, click on the “Join the conversation” link. You can also leave the conversation and return to the Supervision mode.


HelpOnClick Live Chat Supervision in chat session

Help your staff handle inquiries. Suggest answers to questions in a private mode. When you send messages in the Supervision mode, clients do not see them, and these messages will not be saved in the archive.

HelpOnClick Live Chat Supervision - staff only message

Now operators can correctly and quickly answer the customer’s question.

HelpOnClick Live Chat Supervision - help operators

To stop supervising the session just close the session tab on the bottom.

Log in to your HelpOnClick live chat account to try it out.