Pros & Cons of Live Chat Support

Every day, billions of people browse the internet for fun, information, and business. In fact, it was recorded that 3,885,567,619 people used the internet in just a single day. This kind of traffic is a regular occurrence every day on a global scale. Businesses try to capture their online visitors by providing them the services they came for right away — without any hiccups. 

More and more customers are bypassing traditional customer service mediums, like emails and phone, for live chat. Even though the live chat feature seems to be edging out other forms of customer support, it is nonetheless important for businesses to realise the both the disadvantages and the benefits of live chat support  that come along with this feature.

benefits of live chat support

Let’s break it down for businesses to develop a better awareness of this increasingly prevalent customer support medium.


Expanding Market Reach

The internet helps you expand your reach far beyond the confines of your physical office. Your physical office might not receive as much traffic with many visitors driving by, but when the same occurrence takes place on your website, you have an opportunity to convert your visitor into a customer by providing them with quick and easy access which will make them feel more comfortable. One of the benefits of live chat support means that you can help people who order from the other end of the world.

Instant Gratification

With powerful search engines and social media platforms, people have started to expect instant answers to their problems. Another benefit of live chat support, is that you can provide quick communication for your visitors to satisfy their conditioned need for instant gratification. Even if you are unable to resolve their problems, prompt attention and service will always be appreciated by visitors.

Alleviating Stress From Other Communication Mediums

Live chat features are particularly helpful with small concerns and questions that customers wouldn’t want to call or email about, especially when they can get a quick and simple live chat response. When customers can reduce stress from other communication mediums, like phone and emails, you’re getting a major benefit of live chat support. This division of queries on the basis of priority will reduce the number of less meaningful calls or emails you may be getting.


Communication Difficulties

Unless emoticons are used (which is not professional), you may not be able to portray your tone over live chat and risk your messages being misinterpreted. Therefore, it is always essential to use your words carefully to prevent miscommunication.

Older People May Not Be Comfortable With It

Unlike most visitors, the older generation may not understand how to use the live chat feature or they might not be comfortable using it and might rather prefer to talk over the phone.

Delayed Responses Could Mean A Lost Customer

It is imperative for your representative to respond to every message promptly. If this is not done, the whole purpose of the live chat feature is defeated therefore, delayed replies could cause the visitor to leave agitated. Make sure you don’t test your customer’s impatience with slow responses.

Misaligned Time Zones

As a business, you must understand that online visitors would not necessarily reach out to you between 9-5 in your time zone only. They might be in completely different time zones therefore, you need to make sure that you divide live chat duty in such a way that it covers all hours to provide 24 hour live chat support for whoever visits.

Help From HelpOnClick

We hope these disadvantages and benefits of live chat support can help you decide how best to utilize it for your company. Reach out to us with any questions today!