Pros and Cons of Live Chat Systems – According to the Customers

When you’re looking to get live chat systems for your business, it’s always a good idea to look at the pros and cons that are associated with it. This helps you make a more educated decision regarding whether or not you should be using this software. On the other hand, many businesses usually tend to look at the pros and cons from the point of view of their business. 

Very few people consider the customer’s point of view. If you’re looking to get a new feature, it’s a good idea to keep in mind what your consumers will think of it. They are the ones who will be using this software, after all.

Curious about what the customers think? We’ve taken the time to identify the pros and cons of live chat systems as seen by the customers. 

Pros of Live Chat Systems

The following are the major pros of this system:

Boosts Customer Loyalty 

Customer loyalty can be boosted with this feature. Around 51% of consumers have happily stated that they either buy again or stay with a business if it offers them live chat as a form of customer support. They’re also 29% more likely to tell their friends and family about the positive experience.

They’ll Want to Spend More

Everyone knows that live chat helps to convert leads into sales, but did you know that it makes consumers want to spend more too? Around 63% of shoppers are more likely to spend around $250 to $500 more on their purchase if there is live chat available for them. 

More Likely to Shop With

When browsing a website, around 38% of all first-time visitors are more likely to make a purchase with a business that offers them live chat support. In this case, there is also a high chance that they will turn into repeat customers. 

Cons of Live Chat Systems

The following are the major cons of this system:

Hate to Wait 

Given the reputation that live chat has for little to no wait times, consumers don’t expect to wait with this software. Around 24% of customers do not want to wait for the agent to respond to them. Having to wait for 5 minutes or more can be frustrating for many. 

Scripted Responses are a Huge No-No

Not all consumers like the scripted responses that businesses make use of to save time. Around 29% of all customers agree that they find them to be rather frustrating. Adding a bit of personalization here can help to diminish this number for your business.

High Chances for a Poor Experience

Not all businesses invest in training their agents when using live chat. A total of 47% of consumers can attest to this fact. They also agree that they haven’t had a positive experience in a month or so.

Given these pros and cons regarding the use of live chat systems straight from the consumers, you can make a better decision about this product for your business.