Personalize Customer Experience Using a Live Chat Application

In today’s crowded and increasingly competitive markets, a company needs to go the extra mile to attract the attention of the customers. The fact is that whenever customers want to purchase a product or service, they have the option of choosing between two or more vendors who offer somewhat similar prices, delivery, and payment options.

The only remaining differentiator that can help a company stand out from the competitors is personalized customer service. Here are five valuable strategies for delivering personalized services to the customers.


1. Personalize Greetings

Personalizing the greetings when using things like a live chat application is a small gesture that adds a great deal to the way customers feel about a company. Whenever customers arrive at the shop or connect with you online, the customer service representative should make eye contact, greet them with a smile, and address using the last name. When customers feel that they are greeted with respect, they will more likely come back and remain loyal to the company.

2. Delight the Customers

Customer service personnel should focus on serving customers in a way that puts a smile on their face. The customers can be delighted in different ways. Do something special for their child such as giving a bunch of balloons. Bring customers who have made a major purchase into the limelight by highlighting them on a social media page.

The extra effort (and money) in delighting customers will pay in the form of a dedicated, and loyal customers that will translate into improved profitability for the company.

3. Address Concerns of Customers Proactively

A proactive attitude in resolving customer concerns via a live chat application will have a positive impact on customer relationship. Instead of waiting for the customers to call your company, the customer service personnel should proactively address the issues.

Consider analyzing the past customer interactions to find out the pain points. By seeing that their concerns are addressed quickly, customers will more likely come back to make repeated purchases.

4. Offer Webinars and Workshops

Personalizing customer service also involves educating customers through training sessions. This can be in the form of webinars and workshops that add value to the lives of the customers. For instance, a web design company can offer classes for search engine optimization. Educating customers by offering customized training can translate into improved customer experience that will benefit the company.

5. Create a Loyalty Program

A survey had revealed that around 81 percent of customers do business with brands that offer some kind of loyalty programs. Offering personalized loyalty programs that reward VIP customers can help the company gain increased business.

In the end, companies should be sincere with the actions. They should treat customers with genuine respect instead of considering them as revenue sources. Personalizing customer service with the use of live chat applications will let the customers know that the company cares and that will result in an improved brand image and increased profitability for the company in the long run.