New HelpOnClick Feature – Chat Support via SMS

As we, the HelpOnClick Team, have always tried to improve our Live Chat Software, we are now going Live with a new, unique feature.

HelpOnClick now provides the possibility to use Live Chat via SMS. By using this new feature, you will be able to provide chat support to your customers using your mobile phone.

How to use this feature:

The Chat via SMS is very easy to set up and use. Just follow the below guide and your new tool should be up and running.

Log into your HelpOnClick account then follow these steps:

  • Tab: Admin
  • Tab: Setup
  •  Choose “Operators”
  •  Find the “SMS” column and enable it (double click) for chosen operator

Enable SMS chat for operator - HelpOnClick

Then go to:

  • Tab: Back
  • Tab: Settings
  • Find the SMS configuration section

SMS chat settings - HelpOnClick

In this section, you have several available options:

When I’m logged off – enable or disable chat notifications to your mobile phone.
Phone number country – choose the closest country from this list.
Phone number – your phone number, no country code.
Phone time zone – your time zone.
I’m available on – you’ll get chat notifications to your phone during those times only.

All countries listed within the Chat via SMS Section, except Israel, benefit from local numbers. Therefore, your mobile operator will only apply regular local SMS rates for using the service.

What are the costs?

The Chat via SMS feature is available with two pricing plans:

  • For USA and Canada – only  $99, onetime payment.
  • For other countries worldwide – only $169, onetime payment.

How to add this feature?

If you have not already tried HelpOnClick and you would like to test our Live Chat Software and add this feature as well, you can Get Started Here for a 14 days free trial, after which you can choose one of our affordable Pricing Plans.

If you are an existing customer, you can Upgrade your account here, and enable the Chat via SMS Feature.

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, feel free to contact us using our Live Chat Service, contact form or Help & Feedback Community. Additionally, you may also post a comment below the post.