NEW Feature: Integrate HelpOnClick Live Chat with Facebook

Communication is key for any business; and today, Facebook has become the ultimate realm of discussion and interactivity. People always want to be offered an easy way to get in touch. If you come to think about it, users are not so likely to leave Facebook to go to your website to call or email you. It’s not too convenient for them.

If you have a Facebook Fan Page, then you would definitely want to get the most out of it, by providing Live Help to all the users who come and visit you.
Now, providing Live Chat on Facebook is easier than ever. HelpOnClick now comes with a new Facebook app, to add on your Fan Page. It’s quick and easy.

See it Live on Our Page

Live chat on Facebook tab


Visit our Addons section for an easy installation guide.

Add value to your Facebook Fan Page, by providing Live Help to your customers!Key Benefits

  • Easy contact and customer satisfaction: Provide personalized support to your Fans, help them better understand your business and encourage them to become your customers.
  • More Fans, More Exposure: By having a Live Chat Feature on your Facebook Fan Page, more people will want to get in touch. This will result in a higher number of fans and in  more exposure for your company,
  • Higher Conversion Rates: Live human contact is crucial to any business. Any potential customer is more likely to acquire a product or service after receiving advice or clarifications. You can ensure easy support to your prospecting Facebook customers, by using HelpOnClick Live Chat on your Fan Page.
  • Mobility:  Chat with your Facebook audience from anywhere! Using our Chat via SMS feature you’ll never miss a chance to grow your business.

Click to Add Live Chat on your Fan Page and tell us what you think! Chat with us on Facebook and see how it works!