More Sales on Christmas Season! It Is Possible!

Is there live chat support on your e-Commerce website? No? You are losing your customers and income!



It is the hottest time of Christmas season now. Christmas is so close, and there are so many things to do and buy. This is the busiest time for many retailers. Sign in your website analytics account and check if conversion rate of your website is low, satisfying or great. Don’t think it is great? You have a room to improve it!

There is a good opportunity to improve your online sales almost immediately. Install HelpOnClick live chat to your website and let your sales person or someone who knows your products communicate to your website visitors via live chat. HelpOnClick live chat can be integrated into any website within just few minutes, so you can see the results today!

Here are some tips on how you can better assist your website visitors on Christmas season.

  • Know your products and special offers. Your chat agents should be aware of all your specials, their terms and conditions. Create predefined messages to help your agents.
  • All required information should be provided within a chat session. There are only few days till Christmas left, and your customers cannot wait for email support.
  • Make sure you inform customers on delivery date. If you promise to deliver before Christmas, there will be no excuse if you fail. If you only can deliver after Christmas holidays, make it very clear to your visitors.
  • Customize your automated invitations. Set up different texts for different pages according to their content. The visitors will more probably accept your invitations.
  • Monitor visitor’s activities on your website. If you see that a visitor has spent over 30 seconds on checkout page, ask if he needs assistance. Do not lose customers on checkout.
  • Collect email addresses of your visitors. If they do not buy now, they can still come later.
  • Customize photos of your operators. Make your operators wear Santa’s hat or add a Christmas frame to the photos. Let your visitors feel Christmas spirit.

You have few more days to increase your Christmas sales and make your customers happy. Hurry up and sign up for HelpOnClick live chat service. It is free for 14 days, and limited Christmas offer is coming! Be the lucky one!