Live Web Chat Can Help Increase Business for Your Dental Clinic

In all kinds of industries, right marketing and customer satisfaction are the driving factors that lead to success. Marketing today has become so competitive that businesses are looking for new and innovative ways to seek growth. One thing that has boosted up the marketing game in general is live web chat.

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Having a live chat feature on your website ensures effective dealing with your current and potential customers, leading to their satisfaction and increase in sales. Like every other industry, the dental care industry is also not behind in making use of live web chat for enhanced business. With increased number of dental clinics, the competition is tough and keeping up with technology can mean longer and healthier run in the business.

Here are some of the reasons why live chat can really provide the boost your dental practice needs.

Less Phone Time, More Appointments

When someone makes a call to your dental clinic, busy phone lines can often frustrate them up resulting in them going to your competitor. This can also happen when the calls are largely directed to an answering machine rather than a person instantly scheduling appointments. No one likes to spend so much time on getting an appointment. All of this can be avoided with live web chat. The live chat agents can schedule appointments right there.

Hybrid Live Chat to Help Potential Patients

Even if you have a chat bot (virtual chat assistance) installed to reduce manual work, it will be helpful for you. Many websites opt for this kind of virtual assistance that works 24/7. However, setting up a hybrid live chat where virtual assistance is supplemented with real chat agents can really be effective in increasing business for dental clinics. When the virtual assistance detects a promising lead, it will pass them on to an agent who can help the potential patient in real-time and schedule an appointment. This way, business can be run for longer hours.

High Conversion Rate

Getting a large traffic on your website is one thing and the conversion of it into potential clients is another. You can look closely how much traffic you are getting on your website, increase your online presence and then use live web chat to ensure high conversion. Live chat is a great and proven way to increase conversion rates.

All Age Groups Can Be Targeted

Younger and older generations alike are more than familiar with digitisation of the world and the new and improved technology. Various studies have inferred that people now prefer live chat assistance over traditional phone calls and emails, because it allows them to save time and energy. According to a study, 56% of people aged 18-34 prefer live chat over phone assistance, regardless of the situation, whereas 27% of people aged 35 and above prefer to be facilitated through live web chat.

Incorporating live web chat in your dental clinic website will help you increase patient turnover from all age groups and also ensure greater customer service, which is the key for any business to flourish.