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The 21st Century has certainly made an impact on how people communicate with each other. This newest generation will be the first one that will never have known life that didn’t include a mobile device, a computer, color television and the Internet. Because of that fact, online live chat isn’t really a new concept. People of all ages, cultures, ethnicities and financial backgrounds are already fairly familiar with computers and texting.

Choosing the right online support software can seem daunting. Once you’ve waded through the minefield and have decided on the right software for your business you’re still left with questions:

  • What about after sales support?
  • Is the service support confidential?
  • Is the software truly reliable?
  • Can I review my chat transcripts and email communications?
  • How many agents can I have with my subscription?
  • How stable is the software?
  • Does the software support plugins?
  • How affordable is the subscription?


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At, we are very customer satisfaction oriented. We want you to succeed; it’s just that simple. There are a number of ways we can help you convert visitors into clients. Here are just a few:

Make sure your live chat buttons are placed strategically on your website. You may consider scattering a few throughout so that your clients can contact you with greater ease. Our software allows you to customize the buttons so they’ll feature more prominently.
Make sure your operators are available at all times and that you have enough operators to handle your visitor traffic. There’s just nothing that puts people off faster than having to wait in a queque to get a few simple answers to their questions. Your time is money and so is theirs.
Each operator should be knowledgeable in your products and/or services; their confidence will translate into customer loyalty and that means more financial security for you.

It’s important for online businesses to have adequate trustworthy agents manning their chat support centers. only employs experienced operators that offer support in a variety of areas:

  • Build customer profiles
  • Instant customer service
  • Superior quality technical support
  • Troubleshooting
  • Aid in streamlining a purchase of services
  • Assist in the FAQs of HelpOnClick software
  • Appointment setups
  • Computer tutorials
  • Windows and Mac compatible

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It doesn’t really matter how big or how small your business is – our live chat services can work for you.