Live Chat Integration with CRM – The benefits you don’t see

A company that does not have a knowledge base is failing to prosper. If you own an ecommerce website connected to social media accounts, you have a resource to collect that data and channel it into your marketing mix. Add live chat into the mix and you have an information conduit that will never run dry.

live chat integration

The following are some ways that information can benefit your business down the line:

Get instant answers to customer queries

According to stats from KISSMetrics, approximately 45% of online customers prefer a live chat with a representative when it comes to resolving order issues. The faster the answer, the more customers you can satisfy and the more sales you get. However, by integrating live chat with your social media accounts, you can get instant access to accurate information they need.

Making customers wait even on a live chat website will not help. In fact, chances are they will just turn around and look for a solution themselves or worse, turn to your competitors.

Live webcam chat that has access to information via social media accounts is a treasure-trove of information. Your agents will be able to provide the answers needed instantly from that organized knowledge base resulting in a stronger brand.

Target buyers precisely

Mapping your customer’s journey will go a long way in clarifying their needs down to the smallest details. Do you look at web analytics or treat each like a profile? If you said the latter, chances are you have no idea the how, why and when of that journey.

Integrating live chat with social media can help you fill that gap by tapping into buyer interest. Using market automation, you can also speed things up and get the information you need at your fingertips.

Customers can also be tagged based on the conversations they are having and this can also help you create automated campaigns targeting their interests. Targeting buyers like this can also help you come up with discounts that will benefit your business.

Increase Revenue

Since customers prefer to chat online regarding queries and concerns, the chances of a sale on this platform are high. This includes the average order size of said sales. Once your live chat feature is integrated with your social media accounts, you will experience increased sales resulting in an increase in revenue down the line.

When your CRM has direct access to support through social media, they have those answers at their fingertips. This includes increasing upselling opportunities based on customer behavior, trends and predictions about their spending habits. That information will give you a prediction about future revenue streams which you can use to market accordingly.

When a live chat website or feature is integrated with social media, it can do wonders for your revenue stream. Try it out yourself.