Live Chat Button and Reducing Customer Pain

No matter how customer responsive and streamlined your business, complaints are bound to happen. Instead of ignoring them, it’s important to try to alleviate the customer pain by solving the problem. If you dismiss the complaint outright, you are telling the customers that their opinions are not valued.

Here we have listed five tips, including using a live chat button, that can help in reducing customer pain with the aim of creating a better relationship with your customers.

Thank the Customers

Instead of berating the customers who use the live chat button to file a complaint, it’s important to thank them for reaching out to the company. Show gratitude to the customer for taking the time and effort to notify the company of an issue.

Always remember that the customer may not contact the company at all, and may have switched to the competitor. So, it’s important to be grateful when a customer gives you the opportunity to resolve the problem.


Customers may not always be right. However, sometimes a simple apology even when the company is not at fault may placate the customer. This will help in ensuring an early resolution of the problem. Especially when the company is at fault, it’s important to take the responsibility, accept the mistake, and offer a solution to the problem.

Understand the Customer’s Concerns

Listen attentively to the customer and try to decipher the real concern of the customer. When the customers are angry, the real message may be hidden under the fury of words. Make the effort to listen to their concerns and understand what the main issue is. Understanding the problem through attentive listening will help in its speedy resolution.

Avoid Being Defensive

Being defensive will only aggravate the already upset customer. When a customer complains via the live chat button, it’s because he or she feels wronged. You don’t have to agree with the complaint, but you do want to hear their grievances. That’s how the conversation can end on a positive note.

Inform the Customer

Sometimes complaints occur because customers were unaware of the terms of the agreement or how a product operates. Whatever the case, it’s important to inform the customer in a way that doesn’t place blame or fault. If they use the live chat button to contact you, make sure that the experience they have is positive.

Solving customer problems should be the goal of all customer service representatives. Whether the customer submits their complaint through a phone call or live chat, it’s essential that their concerns are acknowledged and resolved.