Lead Generation Management Through Live Chat Systems – Is It Really Possible?

Lead generation management through live chat systems has slowly grown to be more widely utilized. Despite this factor, a startlingly large number of businesses do not capitalize on the use of this software. General skepticism, as well as misconceptions, can hold you back from using live chat, which can make a marked difference in your user experience.
In essence, lead management is the simple process of managing and tracking potential customers from their buying experience with you. This means tracking all data up to the point of purchase. With a proper live chat system, businesses can not only handle their traffic, but they can also improve their chances of turning that lead into a sale.

Handle Queries and Questions

Now, while businesses might be able to generate traffic, if they have no means of handling the inbound leads, then they are unable to make things work to their benefit. The biggest way that many businesses do this is via email, phone, or even with the help of an online form. While having these tools there can boost a business, a better way to do this is by having live chat systems, as well.

However, a surprisingly small number of businesses have them. In a survey conducted by Drift, out of a total of 443 businesses, a mere 14% made use of live chat software. This is less than a quarter of the businesses. Interestingly, the companies in this 14% ratio also had a higher level of consumer interaction and lead generation.

Shorter Response Times

response time

Live chat software amplifies lead generation management by speeding up response times. One of the most impressive benefits of live chat is the ability to swiftly respond to customers without transferring them from person to person. Anyone contacting a business through email, phone, or an online form can experience a wait time, but in the survey, the following figures came up:
• 7% of businesses responded within 5 minutes.
• 2% of businesses responded within 1 hour.
• 27% of businesses took 1 day to give a response.
• 3% of businesses took 2 days to respond.
• 5% of businesses gave a response within 5 days.
• 55% of businesses either took more than 5 days to respond or didn’t give a response at all.

Data also revealed that the businesses with the shortest wait times were the ones who made use of live chat software. Consequently, they had higher sales and more repeat clients, plus they were able to convert more leads into sales. For example, suppose a client approaches an event planner that is within their budget and gives them a call, only to be told by an answering machine to leave their name and number and they will be contacted. The client will end up giving the details, but they will also go to another business that will accommodate their request immediately. By the time the first business eventually gets back to the client, the client will have moved on with the other business.

With live chat systems, you give them an immediate response, pique their interest, and are able to retain them more easily. Lead generation management depends on happy customers who consistently return to do business with you. How do you maintain customer satisfaction?