Latest Technological Trends around Live Chat Solutions

The use of a live chat software has grown popular over the years, especially with the fact that many companies are beginning to take note of how much millennials love online website live chat.

This growing popularity has led companies and businesses into a quest of finding ways to meet the high demands for a satisfactory level of customer service by their customers.

technological trends for live chat software

This only means that the importance of having a live chat platform as a company cannot be underestimated as it goes a long way in ensuring increased sales, better and cost effective operation, heightening customer loyalty, increasing market outreach ,as well as giving you a greater advantage over your competitors.

Like most new and existing technology, the live chat platform has been able to pick up a lot of trends.

Technological trend around live chat solutions.

  • Integration of social media

Social media integration is the use of a software to put every account whether Facebook, twitter, instagram, amongst others into one platform.

This means you will be able to make a post to all your social media accounts all at once. It also gives you the ability to schedule a post.

This live chat tool will drastically increase your social media reach, as you will be able to interact with your customers on any platform of their choice.

It also reduces the time you would have spent in redirecting a customer to your platform.

  • Screen sharing and co-browsing

This is a way in which a customer service representative can share a screen while browsing on the same webpage with a customer?

Dual cursors are available to both the customer service representative and the customer, which allows them to simultaneously control browsing.

This awesome tool allows users to perfectly interact in real time with customer service Representatives. 

This only means there will be better assistance rendered to customers.

  • CRM integration

CRM integration is simply the functioning together of your website with your CRM.

CRM when used alone, allows you to just retain customer information based on the manually imputed entries.

Integrating websites brings in valuable information on your customers direct to your CRM.

CRM integration will go a long way in improving the customer service operation of your business by getting valuable background information on any of your customer through their chat histories.

This is sure to convert most of your customers into potential leads in sales.

  • Automatic pop up messages:

A pop up message is any graphical user interface (GUI), usually small windows or pops that appear suddenly on the main page.

These pop ups, helps to create an engaging and interactive effect. 

Pop ups when used properly by a business enterprise will help engage visitors and turn them into regular customers.

  • Initiating chat

Recent research shows that shoppers are 6.3 times more likely to become regular customers if and when they are invited to a chat.

This only leads us to believe that the proactive idea of reaching to customers or browsers and starting a conversation is an excellent way to increase or improve customer service.

Wrap – Up

There’s indeed absolutely no information contradicting the fact that a good customer service is a fundamental for any business to succeed.

Customers can be very hard to please, and as a business or enterprise owner, your sole aim is to seek better ways to satisfy your customers, and the ability to satisfy your customers gives you a greater advantage over your competitors.

This explains broadly why it’s very important to understand how trending technologies work, and how you can easily incorporate them into your company’s system of operation.

Customers they say is always right, so for your company or enterprise to keep top place or pursue top place it is very important to put customers first.

Hopefully the various technological trends around live chat solutions provided above will help in giving you elaborate information on leading technological advancements.