Key Features that Live Chat Software Must Have

Instant engagement and clear communication are the two factors that every great live chat system exhibits. It ensures customer satisfaction and loyalty.

However, these are not the only benefits that live chat software provides.

happy online customer

The reason why most brands are willing to invest in live chat software is that it helps increase sale. It also gives an edge over competitors, addresses customers’ issues, and expands market reach.

It would be impossible to have all these advantages if live chat software doesn’t have the following features. 

  1. Proactive Live Chat.

In today’s highly competitive world, brands have to struggle to maintain a strong customer base. This is why brands are hungry for any marketing strategy that will give them an edge over other brands. The idea to chat with your customers through a click of a button is a distinctive one. It has become a prominent feature of chat software, helping brands to get more customers.  

  1. Visitor Tracking.

Tracking facility allows brands to keep tabs on all site visitors including their potential clients and the repeat clients. Visitor tracking also provides the details regarding the amount of time spent by visitors in the chat, chat agents’ activity, records of conversation etc. 

  1. Chat Rating.

Receiving customer’s feedback is essential to improve the quality of service. This is why having this feature in live chat software is very useful. The positive reviews will help boost agent’s confidence. Negative reviews will encourage them to work on their overall performance.

  1. Chat Routing.

This is an impressive feature that helps make the chat service faster and more efficient. With this key feature, the agent can transfer the incoming chat to another agent if he is already engaged with a visitor. This will prevent the customer from waiting for their turn. Their issue can be tackled as quickly as possible. 

  1. Mobile Optimization.

This function will provide assistance to those people who visit websites from their mobile phones. They can easily make the most of a live chat through mobile optimization. This feature will make the customer experience more worthwhile. 

  1. File Transfer.

To transfer a file from an agent to a customer can be complex. But not if your live chat software has file-transferring features in it. An efficient, built-in file transfer facet will enable the agent to easily share files in the chat.

All these amazing features can be found in the best live chat software. They can easily help increase the conversion rate when used smartly.