Is Your Live Chat Service Effective? Check It Here

Do you regularly monitor the quality of your customer service? Do you make sure that your online service staff delivers positive experience to your website visitors? Well-structured weekly monitoring will help you uncover the gaps in your chat service and take timely measures before you start losing customers.


We suggest going through two checklists to make sure that your live chat service works effectively.

I. Make sure that the chat is well set up.

The first checklist is about general impression and chat settings. The answers to the below questions will help you understand if your chat settings are correct and effective.

1. Is it easy for your website visitors to spot a chat plugin or a chat button to contact you?

2. Does the chat widget or button design corresponds to your website design?

3. If you use any pop-up settings, do you allow the website visitors to browse the website for a while before the pop-up invitation to chat appears?

4. Do you use advanced settings for automated chat invitations to address your website visitors individually depending on their referral URL, used keywords or a current page?

5. Are your website visitors allowed to leave a message via chat plugin when the chat service is unavailable?

6. Do you collect visitors’ contact details before they enter the chat?


Now check your answers. If you have any NO-answers, you might need to review your chat settings and improve widget’s performance.


II. Make sure, that your chat agents are effective.

The second checklist is about regular monitoring of your chat service. Let’s say, once a week would be good. Here are the questions you need to answer.

1. Do your chat operators know all about your products and services to effectively communicate with your customers? You can check it going through chat scripts archive and making sure, that all the provided answers are correct.

2. Are your chat operators talk in professional and polite manner?

3. If canned messages are used, is there all information up-to-date?

4. Do your operators manage to answer all customers’ questions, or are there unanswered questions?

5. If operators are not able to answer a question, are they able to talk the visitor into leaving contact info to provide answers later?

6. If the visitor is promised to get contacted later regarding unanswered questions, are you sure that the contact will not be lost or forgotten?

7. Is the average pickup time less that 10 seconds? Check that under the Stats tab.

8. Is your operators’ rating higher than four stars? You can also check that under the Stats tab.

9. After you read the chat archive, what impression do you have? Do you think that your website users are satisfied with the service?


Check your answers on the second list. If you heave any negative answers, you’ll see a room to improve your chat service. Good luck!