Is HelpOnClick Right For My Business?

Whether you have a small business that is slowly growing or a large one that already attracts plenty of customers, can really make a difference to its success. Live chat is an essential tool for every online business. Think about how frustrating it is to see that although you have lots of visitors, only a select few ever go on to become potential clients, and of that select few, only a few become repeat customers.  In order to get these numbers to change, online businesses need to be proactive in how they view their visitors and how they manage those visitors who go on to become customers.




What kind of marketing features do you have?

We have a number of features including pre and post customer surveys, language translation and a floating invitation to chat, giving your customers the human connection that can be all too obvious online.


What kind of help/support do you offer?

We offer live chat support, email/form support and telephone support.


At we’ve got the product to help you in every level of your business. We promise a lot and we deliver it, guaranteed. Our live chat software is very simple to install and manage, with all sorts of customizable aspects to it.  There are many live chat software applications that allow you to change the appearance with various templates and themes and open code, spell checker, sounds and visual alerts, but few that allow you to keep track of your performance as you offer clients customer support.  HelpOnClick makes it easy to measure how quickly you respond to your clients, giving you confidence in your ability to not only be aware and proactive in the needs of your clients but also in how you respond as you work towards anticipating their needs.


Most potential clients are lost as they fumble their way through the gates towards checkout.  Tired of losing customers because you can’t fix a problem you don’t know exists?  Our software will help you anticipate any problems before they force visitors to abandon ship.  Think of our software as a virtual handshake.  It’s easy to dismiss technology as being cold and alien. We want your business to succeed; after all, your success is our business.  Remember, we offer a 14-day trial of our software as well as 24-hour customer support.  We’re here when you need us.