Integrating Live Chat for Healthcare: What to Consider?

In one of our blogs, we reviewed the successful deployment of live chat software solutions across different industrial domains. One of those was the healthcare sector, in which we discussed the example of Kindred Healthcare, exploring how the organization improved its customer support service by integrating a live chat solution.

Today, we will be going into more depth of the solution’s deployment in the healthcare sector, answering the question:

What healthcare providers need to consider before integrating a live chat software solution?

Live chat software solution

The Two-Point Factorial Consideration

Every healthcare provider needs to keep in mind this two-point factorial consideration, before integrating a live chat solution as part of its business model:

  1. The available option should be HIPAA compliant.
  2. The available option should be equipped with an offline customer support feature.

We will now look into the details of each.

HIPAA Compliant Live Chat Software Solution

What is a HIPAA Compliant Live Chat Software Solution?

A HIPPA compliant live chat software solution is a platform that has been designed to protect and maintain the integrity of a patient’s information as per the guidelines established by HIPAA.

Since, HIPAA guidelines encompasses instructions related to different channels, including text and audio conversations, a live chat software too, has to fulfill all standards of compliancy.

How Can a Live Chat Software Be the Route to a Possible Exploitation?

Many live chat software solutions store the conversation history that takes place between a customer and an agent. If the storage servers are breached it can lead to a compromise of a patient’s personal information.

Moreover, a compromise is also possible at the time of conversation where the exchanged information between a patient and an agent, can be read by an unauthorized person.

What Healthcare Providers Can Do To Prevent a Breach?

When investing in a live chat software, make sure:

  • The software solution vendor deploys an enterprise grade 256-bit SSL encryption technology at the data center.
  • The software solution comes equipped with user authentication system, where only operators having the login credentials can access the live chat platform.

Live Chat Software Solution With Offline Customer Support

What is Offline Customer Support?

The offline customer support is a feature that allows prompt facilitation of customers through a live chat software, even when the agents are offline.

Why is It Important for Healthcare Providers?

Patients and their families need round the clock support and guidance, especially in case of an emergency. A healthcare provider can never be sure when a patient may come clicking their way to find an answer to an immediate problem and as such a delay can prove to be perilous.

What Healthcare Providers Can Do?

Before investing in a live chat software solution, a healthcare provider needs to make sure the platform is equipped with an offline customer support feature. It can be offered through two different modes:

  • The live chat tool should come with a virtual agent support.
  • The live chat tool must come with a feature where an alert message is sent to the offline operator, allowing them to connect to the patient from anywhere by simply clicking on the message.

By factoring in the above discussed considerations and investing in a software that covers these fundamental requirements, healthcare organizations can integrate an effective live chat solution in their business model.