Integrate Chat Into Your Website to Improve Customer Experience

Omni-channel is a customer service approach to sales that seeks to offer a seamless customer shopping experience. From smartphone and live chat services online to social media, customers are connecting with their favorite brands in more ways than ever. A company that offers omni-channel customer support and takes the time to integrate chat into their website is able to enhance customer satisfaction and reap benefits in terms of high profitability.

omni-channel customer service

Here we will present four essential tips that can help a company to deliver the best omnichannel experience to the customers.

Optimize Multiple Channels

To offer exceptional omni-channel experience, a company needs to be present and active on all channels. Try to post latest news and updates on different channels. For instance, the website should be optimized to feature latest product launches or new events. The same information can be posted on social media channels.

Also, the customer service agents should be properly trained to handle customer queries relating to a particular channel. They should be taught to provide quick replies and proactively engage with the social media fans. Moreover, they should be trained to send SMS after an interaction and post-contact email surveys. If you integrate chat into your website, you create another avenue for customer service agents connect with your customers as well.

Focus on Mobile Engagement

Smartphone usage has increased tremendously all over the world in the past few years. In 2010, the number of smartphone users in the US was only about 62 million. Today that figure has risen to nearly 224 million.

Billions of people all around the world use their mobile devices to connect to the internet. A company can’t just ignore mobile engagement. Therefore, it only makes sense to offer an exceptional mobile experience.

Consider optimizing the website for mobile devices. Also, some companies are making mobile apps that allow customers to browse the products in a more convenient manner. This results in improved customer engagement leading to enhanced customer satisfaction.

Chat Integration in Website

If you integrate live chat into your website, you can increase sales significantly. Studies have shown that customers are more likely to revisit an e-commerce site that provides live chat support. A lot of customers report that getting answers to the queries is essential in making a purchase decision. So, website chat integration can help in improving customer experience leading to increased sales.

Take Customer Feedback

Customer feedback taken across multiple channels can prove invaluable in enhancing customer experience. Consider taking periodic surveys from the customers. You can also use social listening tools to collect feedback across social media channels. This can help in understanding the customers’ perceptions regarding the product and services.

Omni-channel customer service experience can work wonders on company’s brand image and profitability. The more effort a company makes in keeping the customers engaged, the greater the customer experience. This leads to increased customer loyalty that will have a positive impact on the revenues of the company.