Instant Messaging vs Live Chat: Is There Any Difference?

Most people when they hear the words live chat systems they think of the instant messaging websites such as Google+, Yahoo messenger, or Facebook. While these websites are also live chat platforms, they are not website support chat systems.

If you are wondering then what actually makes live chat systems, and how they differ from instant messaging platforms, you should continue reading to find out the answer.

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What are Live Chat Systems?

Live chat systems are different from the instant messaging platforms. A live chat software integrates with a website. The live website support chat allows businesses to connect with the customers in real time. Customers can connect with the company’s customer support staff by clicking on live chat on their computers, smartphones, and tablet devices.

Live chat systems are different than instant messaging software in that they are not a social media platform. Individuals don’t communicate with each other using a live chat software. A live chat software is integrated into the website of a company. The customer representatives of the company communicate with the customers using the website support chat.

The live chat software allows customer service representatives to proactively reach out to the online visitors. They can interact with the customers through live chat software to answer their queries relating to the company’s product and services.

A Communication Tool for the Company

Using live chat systems, online visitors can ask queries about the company’s products and services. They can get information from the customer service representatives through the live chat systems. This information will help in making an informed purchase decision.

A company should know how to make the best use of the live chat platform. The live chat program can be used to target specific customers. Companies can set automated chat rules to connect with customers. In other words, automated responses can be send to visitors who are most likely to make a purchase.

For instance, an automated invitation rule can include sending a customized message to individuals who have spent more than three minutes at a checkout page. Moreover, the automated message can be sent to online visitors who have $100 worth of goods in the shopping carts. This will help reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate, which one study had found averages 77 percent.

Companies can also use live chat software reports and analytics to understand online visitors. The live chat systems reports contain information about the pages that the website visitors had browsed, the city or country from which they had accessed the site, and the amount of time spent on a specific webpage. This information can help in fine-tuning the website.

In conclusion, a live chat software is different than instant messaging software. A live chat is geared more towards businesses. The chat software can help companies to connect with customers. The software can make the customer interaction more convenient and helpful resulting in increased conversion rates.