How to Design Effective Customer Surveys

Customer satisfaction surveys are used to measure customer satisfaction levels. They gauge how a customer feels about the product and services of a company. A customer survey can also be used to segment customers based on satisfaction levels.

effective customer survey

Effective customer surveys can be used to gain insight into the aspects of customer service that need improvement. In this post, you will learn how to put together questions in a survey that will give you invaluable information regarding customer service.

1. Questions Regarding Customer Satisfaction Levels

An effective customer survey asks the customer questions that measure customer satisfaction levels. Consider asking them to rate a product or services on a scale of 1 to 5 as follows:

  • 1 — very bad
  • 2 — bad
  • 3 — neutral
  • 4 — good
  • 5 — excellent

You should tally the answers to find out what the average customer satisfaction level is. A very low customer satisfaction level should raise a red flag, and that issue should be addressed promptly.

2. Questions Regarding Shipping

Most customers don’t enjoy extended shipping times. As a result, product shipping can drastically impact customer satisfaction levels. To know whether customers are happy with the product shipment, you should add related questions to ensure you have an effective customer survey. Some questions to include are:

  • Are you happy with product shipping options?
  • Did you receive the product on time?
  • Did it meet your expectations?
  • What features could we offer to enhance customer satisfaction levels?

3. Questions Regarding Latest Experience

A customer’s experience changes with each purchase. An effective customer survey will seek out insights on a customer’s most recent interaction with the company. To learn about their latest experience, you should write, “How do you rate your latest product purchase experience?”

Most people don’t hesitate to rant about their negative purchase experience online. You can reduce the chances of negative publicity by proactively sending an email after every purchase made by a customer. This will allow you to learn about any problems and compensate customers if they are upset for any reason.

4. Questions about Website

Your customers can best tell you what is lacking on your website. This is why all effective customer surveys will include a question asking about website navigation and other features such as the online chat or knowledge base. Addressing the problems highlighted in the survey will result in reduced cart abandonment and bounce rate. Some of the web-related questions that you should ask include:

  • Did you find the website easy to navigate?
  • Were you able to find the product without any problem?
  • Did the website load quickly?
  • What features did you not like about the site?

5. Questions about Customer Service Efficiency

Lastly, you should include a question about customer service efficiency. Consider asking the customers about their experience calling the phone or live chat support personnel. This will allow you to identify any shortcomings with customer service and take measures to improve it.

No matter how you design your effective customer survey, make sure to keep the aim in mind — to improve customer service. Make sure that the questions are all directed towards the goal of maximizing customer satisfaction levels.