How to Deal With Angry Customers Online

The days when the reviews of unsatisfied customers would stay hidden in business mailboxes or emails are gone. Today, a single unhappy customer can compel thousands of others to think twice before purchasing your products. They can do this by writing negative reviews on the internet and giving poor ratings.

This is clearly not an era you mess with your customers. Don’t leave them on their own when they are angry.  

angry customer

It does not matter whether your customers are right or wrong. The key to business success is satisfying them when they are not happy with what you have to offer. And this is exactly what a lot of online businesses struggle with, when they offer a help desk chat support. 

Here’s how you can turn an angry customer into a happy customer and a valuable resource. 


  • Empathy.

The first thing you should learn to satisfy angry customers on your website help desk is empathizing. You must understand the reason they are upset before you provide solutions. Make your answers sound considerate and empathic. 

  • Blame Games.

We understand not all customers are right.  It’s likely that there is no mistake on the business’s end that had led to the unpleasantness. The best way you can combat such situations is avoiding blame games as much as possible. This will help turn an infuriated customer into a valuable prospect.

“Instead of focusing on who is at fault, just focus on making the situation right for the customer.” Josh Weiss, the founder and president of BlueGala.

  • A “Second” First Impression.

There can be times when the reason behind a disgruntled customer on help desk support could actually be a mistake on your end. Such mistakes should be immediately accepted and made up for. You don’t want your customers to hold this scenario as the final impression of your business. Go the extra mile and make up for what has happened. Do whatever it takes to create that “second” first impression on your customers.  

  • Let Honesty Win It for You.

This is something we have been hearing since childhood and it is an important website live chat best practice. 

One thing you can do to turn a customer into your business’s unsolicited advocate is being honest. If there has been a mistake on your end, accept it. Tell them where things went wrong and apologize. Try to make it up to your customers and how your customers increase. 

A single dissatisfied customer can influence others to not buy from you. One happy customer can bring thousands of potential customers to incur purchases.