How to build an efficient online customer support?

You can never succeed in business by making your customers unhappy and angry.

If you have been in business long enough, you truly understand the value of effective customer support to business success.

It’s become the cutting edge business differentiation factor that will either cripple your business to the ground or make you stand-out from the rest.

And this is backed up by the latest research by Walker consulting firm. They found out that unlike in the past where business gained the competitive advantage through product quality and service, the game has changed and now customer service is the key brand differentiator.

Thanks to the emergence of technology, customers can now share their feedback on social media platforms.

If you are a business owner, it then becomes critical to counter the freedom that customers have gained through the internet by investing in a customer support system. The system that will resolve your customer concerns, first and efficient.

happy customer

Here are some ways that will guide you through.

Invest in a 24*7 online customer support system

The internet has made the world a global village where customers can order for goods or services at the convenience of their bedrooms or homes at any time of their choice. 

To make this possible, a business should develop an online customer support system with no geographical or service time limits to ensure customers are satisfied.

Investing in a full-suite online customer support system starts from care. It starts from the point of weeding out any chances of customers waiting long on calls, customers going un-attended to or unsatisfied.

The surest way to establish 24*7 online customer support system is by investing in an integrated global support system with skilled and experienced staff to handle all your customer queries.

Offer a Live Chat Support System for efficient online customer support system

We live in a world of Snap chats, Messenger, Whatsapp and other messaging apps. If your business isn’t using live chat just yet, it could be the reason you’re not converting enough.

Live chat is a key to a business who values customer service. To those who is interested in investing on an efficient online customer support system.

Think a live chat software as a tool that enables you handle all your customer queries. From the services you offer, goods sold to the payment processes and delivery.

Again, think of impatient people who hate waiting on calls. They will basically hang up if they hear this ‘please wait in the line as we connect you to the next available customer. Your estimated waiting time is 10 minutes’. 

There are a lot of customers who get pretty bored waiting on the lines. Nowadays they can get the information they need just through the live chat.

The information could be just a service query available on one of the web pages.

It shouldn’t take more than 1 minute on live chat to obtain what your customer needs. 

It easier to use, saves on time and is more efficient.

A live chat support system is a key factor for a company looking to build an efficient online customer service system. It helps you and your team become more productive. And its generate more leads in the process.

Efficient Online customer support system tip 3 – Build a Knowledge Base

If you have been keen enough, you have realized that all your customer queries often recur. New questions, if any, are always few.

It, therefore, means that while building an efficient online customer support system, you can analyze all your customer questions. Now create suitable answers and build a template for easy access.

The knowledge bank when used effectively, helps to solve future customer concerns.

Better still, you can create an automated system that identifies the customer queries and directs the customers to the relevant pages on the knowledge bank.

Using artificial intelligence at your advantage and creating automated systems only makes customer service instant, more efficient and offers your customers a great experience.


Successful companies hugely invest on customer service. It’s a key pillar that can either break or make your business.

Building an efficient online customer service system will help you attend to your customers in a timely fashion. It will improve your customer experience and build the company’s reputation.

A good customer experience means repeat customers, referrals, customer loyalty which leads to improved customer base thus more revenue.