How Help Desk Software Can Assist Pharmaceuticals in their Operations

The manufacturing department of a pharmaceutical organization needs to be interconnected with other departments for the production process to remain streamlined. For example:

  • It needs to work closely with the quality control department to ensure that the manufactured product complies with production standards.
  • It needs to work closely with the procurement and warehousing department to ensure that the raw materials are available in the stock for the batch to be processed.

This needs lots of coordination and continuous monitoring and reporting.  Manually streamlining the manufacturing process is almost impossible in this dynamic environment. However, there is a solution on offer – the integration of help desk software.

How it can help?

Let’s take a close look.

Help desk software for pharmaceuticals

Help Desk Software Can Help in the Batch Manufacturing Planning Phase

Quite often, pharmaceuticals have to face a situation where they need to produce a batch on urgent basis. This could be during post routine working hours or on an off day when the manufacturing facility is usually closed—presumably on weekends.

Consequently, during the planning phase of batch manufacturing, the manager and supervisors will have to make sure:

  • The HVAC department is informed in advance, so that the department remains operational during the batch manufacturing process. You need stable working environment for the manufacturing to proceed.
  • The lift operators are informed in advance, to ensure that the services are in operation during the batch manufacturing process. You will need to transport the raw materials to the manufacturing department. You will also be transferring the manufactured batch to the quarantine room.

Since the batch manufacturing request has been placed for post working hours, the normal services of the manufacturing facility are likely to be in-operational. They department will have to inform other departments for the provision of required services.

This can be easily done by submitting a ticket through a help desk software for the request of services. The platform will automatically route the request to the concerned departments. Through the help desk software, managers can also specify the time window during which they will need the services to ensure an uninterrupted workflow.

Help Desk Software Can Help to Monitor the Batch Manufacturing Process

From issuing the raw materials to packaging the products, a batch manufacturing process is divided into many sub-stages. For a pharmaceutical organization, it is important that:

  • The batch is produced on time.
  • Resources are used efficiently during every stage of the manufacturing process.
  • All the steps are followed in the production of the batch that complies with good manufacturing practices.

This needs continuous monitoring and reporting.

Through a help desk software solution, managers and supervisors can assign task to the lower staff and production executives. The status of each of these tasks can be monitored and if required, the supervisors can also ask for updates through a live chat tool. Many help desk software solutions are currently available in the market that can be easily integrated with a live chat tool.

By deploying a comprehensive monitoring and reporting solution, pharmaceutical organizations can achieve increase productivity and maximum efficiency.

In what other ways, do you think a helpdesk software solution can assist pharmaceuticals in improving their manufacturing operations? Feel free to share your suggestions in the comments section below. We look forward to hearing from you.