Hidden Chat Features That Might Be Useful

“Agent” or “Operator”, “Virtual agent” or “Virtual assistant” – we often name the same things differently and this sometimes can narrow our options. Developers and marketers can describe software features in absolutely different words, and you can even believe that they are talking about different things while in fact they are talking about similar functionality. Looking deeper in what this or that feature does, we can find out that it can be utilized in much more ways than we are used to think.

Let’s take a look at the feature named “multiple departments”. The first thing you can think of is separating sales and support departments. Probably this is the common usage. Larger companies can add marketing or PR, delivery or many other departments. But if we think of division in general, we can find more options for this feature.

Set up departments - HelpOnClick

1. Location.

You can have multiple service departments in a city or even in several cities. In this case a department can mean location. Your website visitors can choose their city before entering the chat and get to the right person on the first try. Still all the departments are operated within one admin panel, all agents can access same canned messages, and the website owner can review statistics about all agents and departments in one place.

2. Language.

For multi-lingual websites it can be vital to have multi-lingual service. The multiple departments feature comes in useful here. Set up languages as departments and assign them to the corresponding operators. When you website visitors choose a language before entering a chat, they actually choose a specific language department.

3. Products. 

If you sell just a few products or some products require special attention, you might want to have a separate person in charge of a specific product. You can add the product name as department along with other departments. For example if you sell cars, you can offer your customers to contact new cars sales department or used cars sales department.

 4. Promotions.

Promoted products require special attention. When you offer your website visitors to contact you regarding special offers, first of all you draw their attention to the subject, and then you help your potential customers to make a decision during a live chat session.

You see how flexible a chat feature can be. Do you use any features in a way that is not very common?