HelpOnClick Live Chat is Extended with New Features

We’ve just released a native live chat application for Android devices, and we have some more great news this week. We have improved customization options, and now you can have separate pre-chat fields, email and other settings for each of your website; and we have added new automatic invitation rules.

Website settings: pre-chat fields and email

Collect Offline Messages

From now on you do not have to invent general questions for pre-chat fields to suit all your websites. Now you can customize pre-chat fields for each of your websites. All your websites will look absolutely independent, but you’ll be comfortably operating all chats from a single account. Still there is a possibility to define general settings for all websites, and settings for a particular website will override general settings. Check out manuals to see how it works.

Left offline messages and chat transcripts can also be sent to different email addresses depending on the website or department. Collecting messages from several websites to one email and forwarding them to the right departments have filed as a history. Set up individual email address for each website or department and get messages delivered directly to the right person. Find setup instructions in the manuals.

Powerful invitations rulesLive Chat invitation rules

As you may know HelpOnClick live chat allows setting up automated invitation rules. The website visitors are invited automatically after certain time spent on your website. The new feature allows adding various conditions, such as referrer or URL. You can define, if referrer contains, or does not contain some phrase, starts or ends with certain words, and customize your invitation message according to a customer type.

You can also decide when and how to invite first time and returning visitors, and, of course, choose the website where these rules apply. Try it now! Find detailed setup instructions in the manuals.


We hope that the new features will make your experience with HelpOnClick live chat even more profitable. And we will be glad to see your feedback.