Help Desk Chat Software & SSL Certificate

SSL security is the reason why successful eCommerce businesses are making it big. Besides protecting sensitive customer information, the technology prevents negative PR by screening users and keeping hackers at bay.

Secure HTTPS

What is SSL?

SSL or secure sockets layer is designed to provide optimum security for eCommerce websites that use help desk chat software. It safeguards sensitive customer information such as their contact information, credit card details and names. In other words, it creates a secure and safe environment for online transactions by ensuring that all information that is shared remains private.

The fact is that this certificate is essential for any website with a help desk that offers services and products with online payment options.

Top benefits of SSL

Provides authentication

SSL works by encrypting the data that websites receive but if you have a proper certificate, you can acquire authentication as well. What this means is that you can ensure that the information you send is received by the appropriate server. This is crucial if your website is visited by large numbers of consumers daily.

Since the information they provide is shared on several systems at once, any one of them can be compromised by a hacker. Some might be set up by them to trick your customers into giving up their bank account details as well. With secure Help desk chat software they can make their complaints easily, but by then it might be too late.

Certain SSL certificates can prevent this from happening. The best way to determine whether one can work for you or not is by comparing them and reading reviews. There are a number of good ones that can be used to protect your sensitive website information but authentic ones can be found through third-party services which audit them.

Keep Hackers at Bay

SSL certificates are known best for identifying actual users from bots. This includes determining phishing sites and preventing them from luring unaware users. These websites are almost exact replicas of authentic websites and these use a number of different ways to convince users to give up their information.

SSL can identify these and it is also impossible for fake sites such as these to acquire certificates for them. In other words, users are usually warned that a site does not have one as soon as they click on it. In fact, according to a study, 90% of users browsing the internet see this alert.

Besides reassuring site visitors, SSL certificates and help desk chat software also safeguard sites from other attacks that can compromise its security. These include sniffing and eavesdropping.

Boost ranking

You can also get a good rank on Google if you have this certificate and help desk chat software. Now that the search engine giant has updated its algorithm, if you have SSL as well as a HTTPS protocol URL, your website’s place on the first page is almost guaranteed.

The bottom line is if your website is ranked high, more users will trust it since they won’t be as worried about security issues.