Does Live Chat Software Really Improve Website Engagement?

As the need to increase engagement on websites has grown, so has the use of live chat software. It’s important to note that your engagement boosts conversion rates, sales and customer satisfaction, so it is a necessity. Additionally, around 99% of the visitors on your website are coming to the site out of curiosity. 

While it is understandable that first-time visitors rarely ever turn into buyers, did you know that your live chat software can grab the attention of your consumers. Moreover, the better the engagement on your website, the better your sales will be. 

So, if you’re looking to improve engagement, making use of live chat is a sound idea. Not convinced? We’ve taken the time to elaborate just how live chat improves your website engagement.

It’s Immediate

One of the biggest benefits behind the use of live chat is that it is immediate. You get to give an immediate response to your consumers, and this is something that they have come to expect. Around 79% of consumers prefer live chat over other mediums offered by a website. An additional 82% have said that they expect an immediate response from the business.

Moreover, 62% of consumers state that an immediate response for them is one which is less than 10 minutes. Given this factor, it makes sense that you use live chat software. Compared to mediums like email, phone and social media, it has the fastest response time, coming in at an average of 32 seconds to 2 minutes. 

There’s a More Human Element

Another reason how live chat tends to improve engagement is due to the human element it adds to the shopping experience. Many times, consumers might have questions regarding their purchase. With no means of having them answered, they are more likely to abandon the cart, delay the purchase or change their minds completely. 

With live chat software, you give them access to someone who will take minutes to answer them. The almost text-message-type format of live chat also tends to make it more personal and easy to use. Additionally, around 42% of consumers have said that they appreciated the use of live chat when they were shopping. 51% of users say they prefer live chat because it also allows them to multi-task, i.e., shop and buy at the same time. 

Better for the Market

As the use of mobile devices has grown and more consumers make use of them, you need to ensure that you are offering them a medium that is accessible on these platforms. On average, 62% of consumers expect to have live chat software available on mobile devices. 

Moreover, if the software is available, around 82% of mobile users make use of it. This shows that there is a definite demand for live chat and that it increases consumer interaction and engagement. 

The numbers reflect that this software is definitely a valuable addition to any business, and as the consumer market grows to learn more about its usage, there is a definite demand for it.