Customer Service Call Audits

Companies often become complacent about their level of customer service. They tend to put support on the back burner and focus on increasing profitability. However, customer service does not have momentum on its own, and the truth is that a foolproof support strategy that pleases consumers can lead to a profit boost itself. Constant improvements, active engagements, and regular customer service call audits are essential.

customer service audit

Here are some tips that can help you in carrying out a customer service audit in your company.

1. Carry on a Customer Survey

The best way to find out whether your customer service is up to the mark is to ask the customers directly. You can obtain customer feedback through multiple channels, such as online surveys, chat tools for the website, emails, social media, and other platforms.

The findings of the surveys should be presented in the audit report, which should contain detailed insights gained through the feedback. It should also highlight best practices, trends, real-time customer service performance, and recommendations for improvement. After presenting the report to the proper managers, develop a schedule to regularly update the report with new feedback and ideas.

2. Ask the Right Questions

When evaluating customer service call audits, it’s important for the managers to ask the right questions. The aim should be to find out the weaknesses in the existing customer service process, and also identify the solutions. Some of the questions that you should ask when evaluating customer service performance include the following.

  • Does the company know about the current customer service trends?
  • What is the customer response rate?
  • Are most of the customers satisfied with the services?
  • Are the metrics for customer service relevant? Are they up-to-date with the current customer engagement strategy?
  • Has any attempt been made to find out the cost of poor customer service?
  • Are customer service quality control measures implemented?

3. Take Action

Once you have reviewed the customer feedback and asked the right questions, you need to take action to improve customer service. This may require hiring new staff or adjusting existing processes and policies. It may also involve identifying new customer engagement strategies that drive the greatest value, such as developing chat tools for website support.

Based on the insights gained from the customer service audit, you can take action to make customer service more effective. The audit will serve as a benchmark for improving services and delighting the customers, help in identifying weaknesses, and enable the company to take active measures to improve its support strategy.

Exceptional customer service can help in driving the business forward. Companies should focus on improving the consumer experience. This is important even when things are going well on the financial front, and the quarterly objectives are being met. Regular customer service call audits are essential to ensure that the customers remain happy and cash continues to flow into the company’s coffers.