Checklist: Are You Ready for the Holiday Season?

You have been working hard for the whole year and now it is time for the final spurt. Holiday season is the time for huge holiday sales, for enhancing your relationship with your partners and employees. There is a lot to do in the next few weeks. Take this checklist not to forget something important.

holiday season

1. Launch Christmas campaign.

According to the National Retail Federation, almost 20 to 40 percent of yearly sales happen during the last two months, specifically for small and mid-sized retailers. If your campaign is not out yet, it’s time to speed it up.

2. Make sure you can deliver on time.

If you are not in a digital business and you need to deliver your goods, remember that most of the buyers will want to receive their purchases before Christmas. Make it clear to your customers whether they are going to get it before Christmas or not. Don’t hope for the best when you are not sure. This may ruin your reputation if you fail.

3. Make sure you have enough products to satisfy increased demand.

You wouldn’t like to run out of wares in the first week, would you?

4. Get enough workforce to handle the sales.

Timing is very important on Holiday season. Your company should be responsive and helpful. Do your best to handle inquires as quick as possible.

5. Prepare a letter of acknowledgment for your employees.

No matter whether or not your team has achieved the goals this year, it is time to show your appreciation and respect. It is time to inspire them for the next year, thank for their efforts and close ranks to aim higher goals. 

6. Prepare gifts for your partners.

This can be a Christmas card or a gift basket, it is up to you. Holiday season is good time to enhance your relationship with your partners.

7. Prepare a thank-you letter for your customers.

Customers are the essence of your business. They need to know that you value them, listen to them and do you best to make them happy.

8. Keep it positive.

It is Holiday season. Everyone wants to be happy and loved. In any situation stay positive and encouraging. Inspire optimism in your employees and customers. Make people around you happy.

Happy Holiday Season!