Black Friday Sale: Live Chat Software for Less than $1

HelpOnClick always provides reasonable price for its products, but we think you will enjoy our Black Friday Sale.

Black friday sale

Black Friday Sale – Live Chat and Help Desk for Less than $1/m!

We provide a 95% Black Friday discount on all our products on the first month payment. A 1-seat Advanced chat account will cost you only $0.95 for the whole month! The regular price is $19/month. A 1-seat Starter account will cost you only $0.60 for the first month.


Use coupon code


on checkout to get the discount.


You need to apply the coupon code by November, 30th. Billing starts only after your 14-day free trial ends. You will be charged regular price starting from the second month. You can upgrade or cancel the service at any time. The coupon code can be applied to monthly payments only. It cannot be applied to quarterly or annual payments.

We hope you enjoy using our products and join our HelpOnClick family. Get the best Black Friday deals!