6 Creative Ways For Companies To Use Live Chat

For businesses that require a strong customer-company relationship to survive, live chat solutions are crucial. Answering customers quickly and tending to their needs whenever they require are some of the features offered by live chat services. Making the most of those services instead of keeping it simple and bland may provide a positive for your business.

live chat services

Using live chat as a marketing tool is one way to stand out from your competitors. Additionally, providing a creative solution will boost customer engagement and loyalty with the business. Here are some ways you can creatively use live chat for your business:

1. Targeting your customer’s needs

Instead of providing customers with a basic help desk, you can offer them specialized assistance while they are going through various processes on your company’s website. For example, a customer is in the middle of completing a transaction related to computer accessories on a company’s website. A live chat pop-up can remind the customer that live help is available. When the customer uses the live chat, an advisor who specializes in that area can step in and ask the customer through live chat whether they are in need of any advice or assistance relating to the matter and assist them accordingly.

2. Providing multilingual support

Offering live chat services on your company’s website in a language not many might be proficient in or not many might be able to understand can create a gap in customer communication. For any queries, the matter may not be clearly understood by either of the two sides. Offering multilingual support for live chat can help fill that gap.

3. Feature to chat anonymously

In cases where customers may not want to have their personal information made known, live chat services that feature chatting anonymously for the customer can be helpful. This can be applicable in situations where customers might want to discuss sensitive or personal topics without revealing their identity. For example, a customer wanting to talk about their medical issues or other concerns.

4. Getting to know your customer

A contact form that asks the customer for their details can help narrow down the matter or any query they might have. This can even help the company send the issue to the appropriate department where it can be properly addressed.

5. Assigning different channels

Dividing common customer issues or queries into categories can provide a solution that is organized. This can aid the customer into contacting the appropriate area of the department that might be able to address their concern. For example, providing live chat options with different specialists like wedding stylist, beauty stylist, etc.


So if you are looking to add more zing to your live chat services or how you can make it different than your competitors, consider the options mentioned above.