5 Secrets Upselling with Web Chat Software

Companies should not overlook improving existing customer value in their quest to improve market share. Statistics show that the probability of selling something to existing customers is about 70 percent while it’s only 20 percent for new prospects. And one of the best ways to sell to current customers is through upselling.

Agents using web chat software have excellent opportunities for upselling due to the ease with which they can promote the materials. However, they should not just shove the promotional message through the online channel. Convincing the customers about a costly upgrade through online chat requires some tact and specific upselling techniques that we will cover in this article.

1. Collect and Analyze Customer Information

Call center agents should collect customer information for use when upselling. They need to better understand the interests of each customer before cross-selling to them. You should gather information about the customers through pre and post chat surveys.

2.  Proactive Chat Invitation

Web chat software agents should send proactive chat invitations to customers after analyzing them through live chat surveys. They should engage the customers and try to upsell the products that will meet the needs of the customer.

3. Use Triggers to Target the Customers

You can engage with the customers at the right moment by targeting them through automated messages. Let’s say that a visitor has just entered an order for a new tablet. You can trigger an automatic live chat informing the customer about an upgraded deal that provides a better value for the customer.

4. Focus on Aspects Other than Price

Price should be the last thing that you should discuss when upselling. Instead, the live chat agent should focus on other aspects of the deal such as discounts, excellent reviews, and extended warranty. If a higher priced product meets the needs of the customer, there is an increased probability of a purchase. That’s why live chat agents need to focus on features and avoid mentioning price when upselling.

5. Upsell Only to the Right Customer

The customer service agent needs to ensure that the product is suited to the requirements of the customer. Trying to upsell to a customer who doesn’t need the upgrade will result in a damaged relationship. The customer service agent must upsell only items that are relevant and affordable for the customer.

Upselling is a common marketing technique, but its success depends on different factors. It’s important that web chat software agents act tactfully in explaining the benefits of upgrading. Avoid selling a laptop to a person who has purchased a refrigerator. The brand should also remain the same. The iPhone can’t be an upsell if the person has bought a Samsung.

Applying the right upselling techniques through the web chat support channel can greatly improve the revenue of the company. If the product is really relevant to the customer, it will also result in increased customer satisfaction.