5 CRM Tips for E-Commerce Businesses

Whether you are an online financial company or a grocery store, focusing on customer relationships is essential for online success. However, according to a report by PricewaterhouseCoopers, most online companies don’t have a successful customer relationship strategy. Having a stable relationship with customers is vital to keep customers loyal to a company. You need to invest in creating a healthy relationship with customers. In this post, you will learn about 5 CRM tips to build strong bonds with online users.


1. Keep the Communication Line Open

Make sure that your customers can connect with you through multiple channels. Also known as omnichannel support, this strategy will ensure that you can cater to a maximum number of online users. This approach will allow you to foster greater understanding and trust with online customers. Strong omnichannel customer support will help in resolving issues and keep customers happy as they can get immediate feedback on their concerns. This process will result in creating a bond of trust with customers and keep them loyal to your services.

2. Helpdesk CRM Integration

A helpdesk CRM software will help in providing seamless customer service. The software solution, a great CRM tip, will allow you to understand your customers better and provide responsive customer service. It will help in optimizing the customer conversion sales and increasing revenues. With helpdesk live chat integration, you can better serve customers as it will present a bird’s eye view of customer interactions. Using the software solution will help cut costs and reduce efforts of customer service employees in serving customers. This procedure will result in more customized and improved customer service.

3. Monitor Customer Behavior

Another CRM tip is for online customer service personnel to not only address customer’s concerns but to also analyze customer data that navigate the store. They should understand how customers interact online, where they spend most of the time, and what keywords they use to locate the site. A good data analytics software will provide all these answers and more to understand customers better and improve customer service.

4. Target Time and Effort Effectively

The Pareto law applies to almost all types of business activities including customer service. It suggests that around 80 percent of total profits will come from just 20 percent of online users. You need to use analytics tools to monitor the top percentage of your customers. Consider allocating time and resources as a useful CRM tip in a way that maximizes time to dedicate to the high-value customers. This strategy is known as target-based customer service resource allocation. Adopting this approach will result in maximum benefit to your company.

5. Leverage from Social Media

The fact is that social media is prevalent with billions of online users. Almost everyone who uses the internet has an account on one or more social media sites. You should make the best of the opportunity presented by social media to connect with customers. A strong social media presence should be a vital component of every business’ customer service strategy.