4 Simple Tips to Help You Use Your Live Chat Software Effectively

If you’re using live chat software for customer support, you know your team has a lot of pressure to be fast. With an average response time of 45 seconds, it is a given that consumers who approach businesses through live chat are looking for a fast solution.


While an emphasis on efficiency is necessary, you should also consider a few other tips that can improve the quality of your services. The following are some simple tips that can help you use your live chat software effectively:

  1. Have Scripted Greetings

Once a customer initiates a chat with your company, they expect to get an answer within the next 10 seconds. The longer the delay, the more likely they will be to lose patience. Given the time constraints and that it can take someone 10 seconds to just think of a reply, you should make use of some scripted greetings. These can be pre-set phrases that are sent to the consumer such as: “Hello, How can I help you?”  You can also use similarly pre-set, customized phrases with your live chat software.

  1. Always Provide a Transcript

Make sure that you always have a transcript of your chats. For your agents, this can be a learning tool that helps them identify areas where they can improve. For your consumers, the transcript can be useful to remember what was discussed and agreed upon. For you, this is a chance to monitor how everything is running. The conversation on your live chat software can contain a lot of useful information. Don’t place the burden on your agents to glean this information.

  1. Be Aware of Your Rush Hours

Consumers can come shopping online at different hours of the day and some can be rush hours. During this time, you can expect your live chat software to be very busy. Always make sure that you have agents available during the rush hours. At this time, people are also more likely to be picky and want to talk to a person. When approaching after hours, they can be more understanding when a virtual agent handles their queries. However, if they are dealing with chatbots, they are more likely to get annoyed.

  1. Get Some Useful Details

Always make sure that your live chat software allows you to get some useful details about your target market. It’s a good idea to have a small form for them to fill in. This doesn’t have to comprehensive or block their access. Instead, use it to match them with the right agents. For example: Suppose you have different departments and services. Ask the consumer their name, email address and what area they need help with. Once they fill in these details, you can connect them with an agent who can understand the problem they are facing.

It’s always great to have live chat software but always make sure that you are using it properly. Using great software, good agents and implementing the tips mentioned here can help you get the most benefits out of it.