4 Signs You Need to Start Using Live Chat Software for Your Business

Many businesses function under the assumption that they don’t need to use live chat software for their business. Sure it’s a step into the future but does your customer support really need additional software to function properly? To be honest, yes it does. Using live chat software is not only a step into the future; it’s going in the right direction. 

More consumers are making use of it and it can be a huge differentiating factor in your competitors. However, don’t just get it because it is something new. Your business might actually be showing signs of wear and tear and could benefit a lot with live chat software. The following are some signs that you should look at:

  1. Customers are Abandoning Carts

A lot of consumers have second thoughts while shopping. This leads to cart abandonment where they fill up their carts but don’t complete their orders. Additionally, it also translates into lower sales. With live chat software, you can reduce this trend and increase successful sales very easily. 

Around 77% of consumers don’t complete a purchase if the website doesn’t have any live chat software. Moreover, using live chat brought a 10% increase in the average value of most orders. Looking at the bigger picture, using live chat software can boost revenue by 48% and increase conversions by 40%.

  1. Support Team is Overwhelmed

Answering calls, emails, social media posts and more can leave your support team feeling overwhelmed. You end up stretching your resources too thin here and your quality will end up suffering. One of the best alternatives is to get live chat software for your support team. 

With the fastest response time and virtual agent compatibility, your team can cut down on their workload and maintain consistent quality in their services. This also means that your customers have fewer wait times and you can easily improve quality and provide timely solutions.


  1. Customer Satisfaction Isn’t High

Are your customers always angry or disgruntled? It might be best to improve your support services by using live chat software. With the fastest response time in comparison with other mediums, it also has the highest rates of customer satisfaction. Around 73% of consumers are happy with the service they got from live chat software.

Additionally, you also get to build repeat consumers with its help. 63% of customers will happily return to a website which offers them amazing customer support through live chat software. Based on this factor, you can really improve customer satisfaction with ease.

  1. Budget Constraints are Limiting Your Options

Sometimes, budgetary constraints can make it impossible for you to improve your customer support. However, live chat software is one of the most inexpensive options available to you. Couple this with faster response times, higher customer satisfaction, ability to generate leads and boost sales and you can get your hands on software that is worth investing in.

If your business is showing any of the signs mentioned above, it might be time to get live chat software for your customer support system.