4 Challenges to Overcome when Using Chat Service for Website Customer Support

Using chat-based website customer support is the new norm, but not offering quality support is still a major challenge. Most businesses make the assumption that just because they have a chat service for their website, they can expect their consumers to be happy.


If the business is using chat service for website customer support and not focusing on quality, they could end up with a lot of problems. Additionally, for beginners, live chat can bring its own set of challenges. The following are some you need to overcome:

  1. Untrained Staff

Your staff needs to be trained on how to provide quality when responding to chat service for website customer support. This ensures that you are able to give proper help to your customers over this new medium. 

Poor quality can translate into annoyed customers who aren’t interested in working with a business. Considering that using chat service for website customer support actually makes customers nicer, if you’re managing to anger them over this medium, you will end up in a lot of trouble here.

  1. Delays in Response

Response times on chat services are the fastest and when consumers use this medium, they expect fast replies. On average, the following are the response times that different platforms offer:

  • Live chat – 40 seconds to 2 minutes
  • Phone – 5 minutes to 1 hour
  • Email – 10 to 12 hours
  • Social media – 1 to 12 hours

Since chat service for website customer support is expected to be fast, you need to make sure that you’re helping your team respond faster. For example: Instead of typing out the greeting, have automated messaging options. This saves time and ensures that your team is able to respond properly.

  1. Not Assimilating with the System

Always make sure that all chat service for website customer support is assimilated with the different systems and platforms that your business offers. For mobile customers, chat features often glitch, which can be a major source of annoyance. Making sure that your services are accessible on any page of the website makes a huge difference. 

This can take some time to set up but always make sure that this step is completed before you offer chat service for website customer support. Without testing out this feature first, you could end up causing more problems for yourself.

  1. Overlooking Other Areas

Just because you’re now offering live chat features, it doesn’t mean that you forget about the other mediums. Most customers will still choose to use email, phone or social media posts for their queries and complaints. People usually tend to stick to the medium which produced results for them. If it was over email, you can expect them to refer to you on email.

This means that you still need to respond to customer queries that come through other mediums. Don’t become complacent when you’re using chat service for website customer support. Whether it’s over the phone, via email or chat, ensure that you’re offering consistent quality in your customer support. 

Once you overcome these challenges, you won’t have to worry about anything.