3 Interesting Pieces of Live Chat Information That You Probably Didn’t Know

Live chat software might not appear very important for your business, but that’s something you can only know if you have the most up-to-date live chat information. If there is one thing that can help you see the worth hidden in it, it’s the facts and statistics associated with the chat software. A truly versatile tool, whether it is used for an e-commerce website or for a business page, live chat can help your business grow in ways you never imagined. The following factoids are some of the more interesting pieces of information about live chat software which you probably didn’t know about:

1.     It Makes Your Business Look Credible

One of the best ways for businesses to enhance their target market is by making a good impression, and live chat software allows a business to do just that. Apart from making the best impression, it also makes a business look credible since it shows that you are dedicated to ensuring that your consumers have all the help they need when making a purchase with you.

Care does need to be taken to avoid making live chat a pushy feature. Just make sure it is accessible for your users. Moreover, this feature has become so commonplace and useful that around 30% of customers visiting your site expect to find live chat for them to utilize.

2.     Your Customers Like Using Live Chat

When it comes to using live chat, you might think that there are not enough consumers who make use of it, but that is false. In fact, customers enjoy the convenience that live chat brings to them. They also love the fact that it allows them to multitask. One vital piece of live chat information is that it also simplifies wait times. Customers hate to wait and live chat cuts down on this.


Around 57% of all users like to make use of online live chat instead of relying on email or phone communication. The swift response that live chat provides is one of the major features that makes it a popular option. When comparing, data shows the average response times that one experiences:

  •         Email – 12 hours
  •         Social Media – 10 hours
  •         Live Chat – 2 minutes

The quick and prompt response they get goes a long way in resolving their problems and turning them into happy, repeat customers. This is also the reason why customer satisfaction is even higher on live chat as compared to social media.

3.     Live Chat Enhances the Buying Experience

Many customers require assistance when buying or making use of a business’s services. Their doubts, questions, and concerns are another reason they often turn to making comparison searches. With live chat, you can sway the buying decision in your favor by answering any queries or questions your customers might have.

Think of online chat much like a virtual salesperson. When the customer has any questions or queries, they usually turn to the salesperson for advice. With live chat, you’re offering them a virtual assistant who can help them out. The success in this is evident in the fact that businesses that make use of it have a 40 to 48% increase in their overall revenue. Which piece of live chat information surprises you the most?